Today’s nomination of him to the IT Ministry was greatly influenced by his history as a techie and his exposure to Silicon Valley.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar is tasked with a Herculean endeavor. The Karnataka BJP legislator’s goal is to make India a technological superpower.

Chandrasekhar, who has served as the Indian government’s Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology since 2021, has developed as a significant leader in the field of technology. In addition, he has participated in the creation of policies concerning digital infrastructure, education, innovation, artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and entrepreneurship.

According to him, India would be one of the few nations that will significantly influence the future of technology through AI. “AI is a vital multiplier for India’s digital economy,” he stated at the Intel-hosted 2021 conference.

Engineer at Heart

While obtaining his master’s degree in computer science at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Chandrasekhar held a number of positions, including that of a compiler and operating system-specialized software developer.

In spite of this, he remained a dedicated techie, having worked on early Internet and Unix systems in the late 1980s. The IT giants Microsoft and Intel were impressed with his abilities. Chandrasekhar was also a research assistant specializing in AI and robotics, and he mentored a large number of undergraduates in his specialty.

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