Adtran and Satelles Inc. declared a strategic alliance. Satellite Time and Location (STL) technology will enable operators of vital infrastructure to protect their timing networks through the partnership.

By incorporating Satelles’ STL into its Oscilloquartz network synchronization devices, Adtran will be able to provide an alternative to GNSS systems or a means of enhancing their dependability and security.

STL is a vital resource for mobile carriers, electrical utility businesses, the government, scientific research, and more since it is able to provide very precise PNT service even in GNSS-denied applications.

“We are excited to collaborate with Adtran’s Oscilloquartz business to integrate STL into its array of PTP network timing devices. Together, we’re allowing even more clients to take advantage of their game-changing aPNT+ technology,’ said Christina Riley, vice president and general manager of commercial enterprise solutions at Satellites.

Our STL technology is revolutionizing the PNT sector by utilizing LEO signals that are 1,000 times stronger than GNSS. It is useful for providing accurate, dependable time in situations where GNSS cannot reach, such as inside. And in environments where GNSS signals may be received, STL provides extra PNT services to boost resilience. STL provides new degrees of security for synchronization network infrastructure in addition to being simple and inexpensive to establish.

STL offers a safe and enhanced backup for GPS and other GNSS by utilizing encrypted LEO satellite transmissions. It assures that time and location data are extremely accurate, strongly protected, and globally accessible.

STL is almost immune to hackers and far less vulnerable to GNSS vulnerabilities such as signal interruption and manipulation. Since STL signals are up to 1,000 times more powerful than GNSS signals, they may readily penetrate buildings and other difficult-to-reach areas.

Adtran’s Oscilloquartz subsidiary will include these improvements in its end-to-end timing tools as a result of its cooperation with Satellites. In addition to implementing STL into its grandmaster clocks, the company will manufacture small M.2 form factor STL receiver modules for integration into third-party products.

“We are thrilled to integrate Satelles’ revolutionary STL technology into our product line. STL is a dependable, accurate, and secure supplier of alternative PNT services that is suited for usage when distributed PTP is unavailable. In addition, it generates new market prospects for indoor 5G and data center applications. Adtran’s General Manager of Oscilloquartz, Gil Biran, remarked, “By integrating it into our solutions, we will enable operators of mission-critical networks to bring accurate timing to the most challenging environments and eliminate the expense of installing outdoor antennas and coring through concrete.”

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