Kongsberg NanoAvionics (NanoAvionics), a smallsat mission integrator and bus maker, has secured an order for three new satellites from 5G telecommunications provider OQ Technologies.

As part of the arrangement, OQ Technology will offer the 5G payload, which is based on standard 3GPP Rel. 17 technology – the cell tower stack built in-house by OQ – and will take care of launch, satellite operations, spectrum licensing, service, and market access. OQ Technologies is a pioneer in direct cellular IoT to satellite connectivity, given the growing popularity of direct-to-device cellular communication through satellite.

Tiger-4, Tiger-7, and Tiger-8 will be manufactured in the new NanoAvionics MAIT (manufacturing, assembly, integration, and testing) facility in Vilnius, Lithuania. The facility was established to satisfy the needs of commercial, civic, and government entities for serial satellite production for constellations and bigger satellites.

The nanosatellites will be outfitted with a propulsion mechanism for constellation deployment, formation flying, and deorbiting at the conclusion of their operational lifetime.

Omar Qaise, founder and chief executive officer of OQ Technologies, stated, “These three nanosatellites will enable us to expand our constellation, increase our worldwide coverage, and access new industries.”

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