In Diablo 4, the Necromancer employs bone, blood, darkness, and curses to cause havoc on the battlefield. The unique equipment of this class enables it to reanimate the dead and create golems to perform its bidding. This overview of Diablo 4 Necromancer skills will help you unlock and choose the available benefits.

Diablo 4 Necromancy Abilities

Like to other classes, the Diablo 4 Necromancer skills utilize a tier-based grouping structure. Some choices can be unlocked by investing talent points, and some can be enhanced further. We have identified them below, highlighting potential improvements and associated nodes. Similarly, you may view the abilities of the Necromancer in our talents guide.

Core grouping and tiering talent possibilities

  • Unliving Energy – Raise your utmost vitality.
  • Inadequately Balanced – Core abilities now cost 5% more essence but do 10% more damage.
  • Hewed Flesh – Lucky Hit; doing damage to a target grants a chance to spawn a corpse at the area; this probability is increased against bosses.
  • Options for the Macabre and Corpse tier/grouping talents

Macabre and Corpse tier/grouping talent options

  • Spiked Armor – Gives the effect of thorns (i.e. damage those that hit you).
  • Mastery of the Skeletal Warrior – Improves the damage and health of your Skeletal Warriors.
  • Grim Harvest – Consuming a corpse provides essence.
  • Powered by Death – Deal temporary additional damage after devouring a corpse.

Curse talent tier/grouping choices

  • Increase your damage against cursed foes.
  • Death’s Cradle causes nearby foes to receive extra damage and deal you less damage.
  • Death’s Reach – Increases the damage you give to enemies at a distance.
  • Options for the Macabre and Corpse tier/grouping talents

Macabre and Corpse tier/grouping talent options

  • When your health is below 50%, you will receive extra healing from all sources.
  • Blood Orbs heal your minions for a portion of their maximum health.
  • Tides of Blood – Blood talents provide greater overwhelm damage; this number is doubled if you have at least 80% health.
  • Blood Coalescence: While healthy, Blood talents do more damage.
  • Drain Vitality – Lucky Hit; Blood Skills have a chance to increase your base life by a certain amount.
  • The Darkness skills of Reaper’s Pursue boost your movement speed.
  • Gloom – Opponents harmed by Darkness-based talents absorb up to three times more shadow damage.
  • The Darkness-based abilities have a chance to stun.
  • Terror – Darkness talents provide additional damage to foes that are slowed, stunned, or paralyzed; these benefits stack and also apply to the shadow damage done by your minions.
  • Serration – Increases the critical strike chance of Bone abilities for every 10 essence you have at the time of casting.
  • Fast Ossification: For every 100 essence you spend, reduce the cooldown of your Bone abilities.
  • Compound Fracture – Bone abilities deal additional damage after 10 critical hits.
  • Evulsion – Critical strikes against susceptible foes do more damage.
  • Necrotic Carapace – Restore a portion of your basic vitality anytime you or your minions create a corpse.
  • Core grouping and tiering talent possibilities

Mastery of Golem – Increases the damage and health of your Golem.

  • Stand Alone – Increases your damage reduction, however it is lowered by the number of active minions.
  • Memento Mori – Sacrificing both Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Mages augments their Sacrifice benefit.
  • Bound in Essence – Your Skeletal Priest heals your skeleton minions for 20% of their maximum health every five seconds.
  • Death’s Defense – Minion damage cannot exceed 75% of their maximum health.
  • Inspiring Leader – Improves the attack speed of your minions if you’ve been healthy for at least four seconds (at least 80% health).
  • Hellbent Commander – Enemies in close proximity to you do extra damage.
  • Important Passive

The Essential Passives for the Diablo 4 Necromancer talents are unlocked by spending 33 skill points. Nevertheless, only one option is permitted.

Ossified Essence – Bone abilities inflict 1% extra damage when cast for every point of essence you have above 50.
If you haven’t taken damage in the past three seconds, your minions’ attack speed increases by 15%; it increases by 30% if you have at least seven minions.
Rathma’s Vitality – +10% maximum health; after 15 seconds of being healthy, your next Blood skill is overpowered.
Shadowblight – Shadow damage infects foes for 2 seconds, granting you and your minions a 10% damage boost against them for 2 seconds. Every tenth time an adversary takes Shadow damage while Shadowblight is active, they will incur extra Shadow damage.

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