It is definitely satisfying to hear an old classic remixed in an entirely new style, since it reinvents our beloved songs in ways we’ve never heard before. Music covers and remixes add a fresh twist to classic favorites, but it can be difficult to locate them on many of today’s leading music streaming platforms. YouTube Music looks to be working on a new home screen modification that will significantly simplify this task.

The music streaming platform is implementing a new carousel in the home feed that highlights cover versions and remixes of frequently played tracks. According to 9to5Google, the new area is located at the bottom of the stream, and the songs are structured similarly to the “Quick choices” carousel.

YouTube Music emphasizes fresh music interpretations.

This indicates that each page in the “Covers and remixes” section displays four tracks, with up to five pages accessible for perusal. Similar to “Quick choices,” you get a thumbnail of the album cover, the song title, and the performer.

The new recommendations are reportedly based on your listening preferences and are intended to introduce you to new musicians who have covered popular songs. Given the rapid growth of emerging musicians making cover versions of popular songs to get exposure and acclaim, this is not unexpected.

While it’s already possible to listen to a large number of covers on YouTube and YouTube Music, it used to be time-consuming to locate them because you had to actively search for remixes. You may also locate remixes of your favorite songs by opening “Other performances” after listening the original version.

The redesigned carousel is now accessible to a wide variety of Android, iOS, and web users, per 9 to5.

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