The Altar of Lilith Statues in Diablo 4’s Fractured Peaks are a crucial part of your beta experience but are easily missed without a guide. While exploring the land of Sanctuary in Diablo 4, there are several things to keep an eye out for. Whether you are seeking the next dungeon or attempting to finish an event for additional Murmuring Obols, you will seldom have to go far before facing the next activity. But, some players are not seeking action. Instead, they pursue perks that will prove useful later on. Specifically, gamers in the Diablo 4 beta have sought the sculptures of the Altar of Lilith.

Throughout the beta, this collectible has been greatly sought by gamers. Even though we have access to only one large city and its environs, approximately twenty Altar of Lilith sculptures are dispersed throughout the map’s regions. As a result, players in Sanctuary have been scouring the snow and deep woodlands in an effort to locate all of the statues.

All locations of the Altar of Lilith statues

The game informs you that there is additional Altar of Lilith statues to locate when you find the first one. Nevertheless, it is unknown how many are discoverable in the Diablo 4 beta. The map indicates that the beta has a total of 28 altars of Lilith sculptures. Naturally, there will be more statues once the whole game is published and the entire map is accessible to players.

Currently, though, there are only 28, and gamers may view the locations of each one on the map below.

Often, sculptures are placed along the side of a road or close to the tree line. These will frequently be relatively concealed, but if you are near one, you will be able to tell because the statue will emit a dark red light. After you have located a statue, approach it and hit the engage button to enjoy its full advantages.

You may view all the benefits you obtain with each Renown here. If you have previously accomplished a level, you can collect your prize, which might range from gold and experience points to a Skill Point or more healing potion charges. The statues of the Altar of Lilith come into play with this system, since each time a player discovers one, they get a little amount of Renown for the current region.

What do the Altar of Lilith statues do?

If players examine their map, they may see exactly how many Altar of Lilith statues exist in the location they’re in, as well as how many they’ve already discovered. Finding the statues of the Altar of Lilith is therefore a simple way to advance your Renown levels quickly. In addition to completing side quests, completing Dungeons and Strongholds, and discovering Waypoints, you may also increase your Renown level by doing these activities. What do the statues of the Altar of Lilith perform?
Regarding these advantages, there are a few reasons why players should prioritize the search for Altar of Lilith statues. According to the game’s introductory instructions, each statue offers a unique prize based on the player’s interaction with it. The majority of statues grant permanent bonuses to one of the player’s stats. This often manifests as a +2 bonus to any one of their five statistics.

Yet, certain statues give other benefits, such as an increase in the number of Murmuring Obols they can store or an HP rise. The majority of the time, though, players will receive a rise to their base stats.

In addition to gaining a stat boost, players will receive renown in the region of the map where they located the Altar of Lilith statue. Renown is a game mechanic that players may level up by performing a variety of map-based objectives. Fractured Peaks is the largest zone in the Diablo 4 beta, and players may view their progress in the Fractured Peaks Renown levels by hitting “M” to access their enormous map, followed by “W.”

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