Tinder is adding video to its photo verification system. More precisely, the company is requesting that its users record a series of video selfies to demonstrate that they are, in fact, the genuine person they claim to be and not some sort of artificial intelligence hound dog. The new feature, which was revealed today, is currently being rolled out globally as the new means to verify your account.

This approach will be required in order for you to get the highly sought-after verified blue checkmark

The new Tinder approach to verify yourself with a video selfie requires you to record a video of yourself on the app using the front camera of your smartphone to demonstrate that you are indeed a living, breathing human being.

It sounds very much like the authentication processes used by other contemporary digital services, such as Hinge and Apple and Google’s State ID services, as well as other dating apps. The latter company introduced the video selfie function a year ago in order to counteract the rising numbers of romance scams that are taking place across numerous platforms. These scams include sad stories of people having their cars stolen and even having their cryptocurrency stolen.

In addition, if you are verified on Tinder, you will be given the opportunity to only contact with other members of the platform who are also confirmed, putting you in an exclusive group known as “Photo Verified Cuties.”

According to a press release, Tinder aims to urge all of its members to re-verify with video selfies “in the coming months.” This means that even those who have already been confirmed would not be able to keep their “grandfathered cutie” status for very long.

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