IT giant Infosys and Aramco, an integrated energy and chemicals corporation, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on accelerating their human resource (HR) technology.

Together, Infosys and Aramco aim to introduce new insights to HR data and analytics, to scale the use of automation tools, and to improve the employee experience using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The Aramco HR system

Infosys also intends to incorporate digital transformation practices and tools into Aramco’s HR platform, thereby augmenting the digital experience for employees and promoting greater productivity. In addition, Infosys intends to use AI to further enhance Aramco’s employee learning and development experiences and to close talent gaps. This will endeavor to assist Aramco in identifying talent and matching it with available positions within the company.

Faisal A. Al-Hajji, senior vice president of human resources at Aramco, stated, “At Aramco, we strive to enhance the employee experience and make the company the finest place to work. This partnership will enable us to investigate ways to enhance our customer-centricity and transform our digital HR offerings.

AI-driven analysis

The collaboration will also examine how automation can optimize repetitive HR management duties through AI-powered learning, thereby reducing training delivery time and effort. The AI-powered analysis will seek to provide insights, monitor return on investment, and assist Aramco with algorithmic decision-making in order to identify trends and pertinent recruitment channels.

Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & Global Head – Services, Utilities, Resources & Energy, Infosys, stated, “We take great delight in the fact that Infosys’ learning and development programs are globally recognized and benchmarked. Through this partnership, we intend to contribute our digital expertise and resources to Aramco’s HR practice in order to provide an exceptional employee experience. By incorporating advanced AI and automation into Aramco’s employee management model, we will attempt to help them scale and improve their talent model.

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