Laboratory services that are favorable to technology have been launched by the Rapti Academy of Health Sciences, which is located in Ghorahi, Dang.

Nishandaju Bhattarai, who is the Information Officer at the Academy, stated that the culture of hand-written work has been eliminated as a result of the implementation of a tech-savvy system.

He went on to say that now that all reports are being created from the computer-enabled system, it is much simpler to evaluate the success of the Academy.

“In the past, we used to prepare reports that were written by hand. According to him, “errors were committed when preparing hand-written reports,” adding that the reports created by computers nowadays are far less likely to include errors.

He went on to add that an entirely automated system had just been put into action after it had been successfully implemented. The Information Officer went on to say that after the patients have received their cross-verified medical reports that were created by the machine, the process will be considered complete.

According to Bhattarai’s information, this is the very first machine to be put into operation in the district. He pointed out that since the digital lab has been operational, the supply of services has been less difficult and more expedient.

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