With the rapid evolution of lifestyles, vehicle owners’ needs have become increasingly diversified, spawning a new demographic that no longer requires traditional sedans or SUVs but rather cars with the interior room of an MPV, the chassis of an SUV, and the agility of a sedan. They require models’ attributes to be merged into a single vehicle.

OMODA, a model with cross-style, cross-platform, and cross-function capabilities, can fulfill the market’s changing demands. It can make driving more enjoyable for young drivers and provide these customers with what they truly desire.

Upon inception, OMODA performed over a thousand surveys in over 20 countries/regions throughout the globe to assess the industry and determine consumer requirements. Under its “user-centric and worldwide co-creation” approach, it creatively accomplished critical procedures such as modeling design, power train changes, technology setup, and even product naming utilizing user feedback. The “Art in Motion” design idea is the outcome of valuable user feedback.

Even the name OMODA was derived from users following over 600 global ideas. OMODA emphasizes the good aesthetic and high-tech perception associated with the “modern” lifestyle. It embodies the spirit of user co-creation, denoting futuristic technology that is distinctive, fashionable, and technologically advanced, with a unique awareness of fashion trends.

Building the user environment of OMODA

OMODA is more than just a car; it is a way of life and an attitude of self-expression and independence. OMODA offers entertaining and individualized supplementary items such as sports flasks, outdoor kits, cycling bands, and fashionable headbands. The user ecosystem incorporates situations including travel, adventure, social networking, socializing, and hiking.

The OMODA O-UNIVERSE ecosystem grows in tandem with its users. “O-Sport” caters to the demands of younger customers for contemporary items, whilst “O-Lab” fosters new ideas through an online and offline workshop of innovation and inspiration. The “O-Club” private user club focuses on user operations, whereas “O-trip” promotes technology for a green, low-carbon, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient lifestyle.

Seeking diverse development

OMODA will disrupt the traditional order of the planet, foreseeing a future with a revolutionary ecological experience. Driving an OMODA automobile is like to move between reality and a parallel universe. No longer is life as straightforward as black and white.

OMODA will soon debut in Europe. The vehicles will depart from antiquated traditions and provide limitless options. The concept of “user-centric and global co-creation” will continuously deepen the relationship between the brand and its users, while also fostering the development of varied features.

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