Nokia launched and then promptly discontinues its most recent user interface design style, which it calls Nokia Pure. The updated user interface design will be used in all of Nokia’s existing and upcoming software products and applications. Because the Nokia Pure has such a nice design, I wish there was a launcher that was based on it, but the only way to obtain it on a Nokia phone is to utilize an application that was developed by Nokia.

The only one I presently have installed on my phone is Nokia WiFi, which I use to manage my Nokia Beacons. The app was just updated, and it is the only one I have installed. According to the changelog that was made public on the Play Store, some problems have been resolved, certain enhancements have been made, and a new user interface has been implemented. Also, installing beacons has become significantly faster.


This was the quickest installation I’ve ever done, but when I opened the app, I discovered that it had already been using the Nokia Pure Design UI from the beginning of 2021 (which explains why it appeared so familiar when Nokia Pure was officially announced). The only modification that was made was to the welcome screen, where a new Nokia logo and the app’s name written in Nokia Pure letters were added.

The application itself is very quick, it is simple to use, and it gives you all the information you need, such as the quality of the network, the number of connected devices, network speed tests provided by Ookla, and some network profile controls that enable me to limit the amount of time my children spend using the internet:.

Get the most recent version for Nokia Beacons from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store, depending on whether you use an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. By the way, these are fantastic for home WiFi and come highly recommended!

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