The controversial September 2022 GTA 6 leaks stunned the gaming world, forcing Rockstar Software to acknowledge them, unveiling its most ambitious project to yet. Yet, the gaming company did not stop teasing the future game with the current titles. It’s worth noting that Rockstar didn’t directly say they were teasers for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Gaming Detective a well-known insider and game leaker, posted many photos and claimed that the makers included them as teasers for the future game on purpose.

This page covers a list of all the GTA 6 teasers reportedly provided by Rockstar Games thus far.

On April 7, 2023, Gaming Detective posted a Twitter thread in which he discussed situations in which Rockstar Games purportedly teased Grand Theft Auto 6 and its associated components. According to the source, the game company has been hinting to them since the publication of GTA Trilogy Final Edition in 2021.

The following are the hints that Rockstar has made thus far, according to the insider.

Taxi Shirt

According to Gaming Detective, the Downtown Taxi Co. Revere Collar shirt offers a distinct skyline that is unlike any other game. Some believed that it may be a city skyline in Florida or South America, which is reported to be included in the GTA 6 map.

Miami chopper

On December 23, 2022, Rockstar Games supposedly teased a helicopter model imitating real-life police choppers deployed in Miami in a Christmas commercial film. The Vice City map, according to Gaming Detective, is based in Miami, and this is a subtle hint from the company.

Additional GTA Online teasers include a rebuilt eCola logo livery for the Hotring Everon, a Vice City Metro Mule livery, and a Vice City Mambas livery. These aspects, according to the insider, were observed in GTA 6 leaks and may be featured in the forthcoming game.

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