Xiaomi released MIUI 14 based on Android 13 in India just lately. Xiaomi 13 Pro, the company’s flagship phone, was the first to receive the upgrade out of the box, but many other Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones will receive the update in the following days.

In MIUI 14, Xiaomi claims to have improved notification management and application cleaning and introduced a number of new features, such as a Pixel-like object eraser, dual floating windows, and expanded folders. Also, the new Xiaomi UI promises a more personalized and graphically rich experience. Xiaomi 12 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11X Pro 5G, Mi 11T Pro, Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G, Mi 11X, Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G, Redmi K50i 5G, Xiaomi 11 Lite NE 5G, and Redmi 11 Prime 5G will be among the first phones to receive the update. In the first quarter of 2023, all of these devices will be updated.

I’ve been running MIUI 14 on the Xiaomi 13 Pro for the past two weeks, and here are fourteen great features that you should also test –

Enlarged Folders

This is such a fun and practical function that I frequently wonder why more smartphone manufacturers haven’t included it yet. As the name implies, MIUI 14 allows you to expand the size of any home screen folder. It has two advantages: first, the larger folders are highlighted and easier to detect on the home screen, and second, you can press on any program to launch it without first opening the folder. To utilize expanded folders, press and hold on any folder on the home screen, choose edit folder, and you will have choices to choose between Enlarged and XXL sizes.

Possibility to uninstall pre-installed applications

This is a feature that is expected to be an instant hit, particularly among Xiaomi loyalists. One of the most common complaints from Xiaomi consumers is that there are too many pre-installed applications, the majority of which cannot be deleted. In the past, steps have been done to rectify this, but MIUI 14 represents a major improvement in terms of user control. In the most recent version of the software, it is possible to uninstall nearly any program, including Xiaomi’s own Mi Store and Xiaomi Service+ app. Hence, you may now utilize the phone as you see fit.

Pocket mode

Pocket mode is a feature that maybe should have been included sooner but is nevertheless welcome. This function, which is fairly self-explanatory, eliminates accidental touches when your phone is in your pocket. This feature may be activated via the Settings menu. Just search for pocket and activate “no pocket dial.”

New backgrounds

Following are two modest yet cosmetic modifications. To begin with, there are the new wallpapers. Xiaomi has added six new wallpapers to MIUI 14 in total. The majority of them appear to be influenced by iPhone backgrounds, however it is always beneficial to have additional alternatives to choose from.

New configuration menu

The Settings interface has gotten more streamlined, which is only evident when comparing MIUI 13 and MIUI 14 side by side. There is less space between the text and sub-text, making the entire document more aesthetically pleasing. A few configuration choices have also been made more accessible.

Copy text from an image

MIUI 14 provides several new camera and gallery functions. The first feature I will discuss is the ability to copy text from any image. These features have already appeared on Samsung, Apple, and Google smartphones, so it’s great to see Xiaomi phones adopting them. This function essentially allows you to copy text from any image in the gallery and use it independently. That saves considerable time.

Safeguard watermark

A very useful and undervalued characteristic. I am aware of how much time content creators spend searching for methods of content protection. In addition, it is extremely hard to identify the right watermark and position it. It appears like Xiaomi has resolved this for us. Today, you can just navigate to any image, pick protective watermark from the settings, enter the desired wording, and the phone will automatically produce and place a watermark on top of the image. So simple!

Erase things

Object erasing is another function stolen from other Samsung and Google premium phones. This function may be used to eliminate persons, objects, and shadows from any photograph. I truly appreciated how Xiaomi implemented this function. While you can still manually choose the thing you wish to eliminate, there are a few AI-powered alternatives available as well: remove object, remove lines, remove individuals, and remove food shadows. Each performs just as their names suggest.

Cutout feature

Cutout is an additional handy picture editing function in MIUI 14. It eliminates the backdrop from any portrait photograph and allows the user to replace it with pre-sets and custom images. To utilize this feature, you must open the gallery, pick the menu with three dots in the upper-right corner, and then hit Cutout. It will then prompt you to pick the image whose backdrop you wish to delete. The remaining steps are self-explanatory.

Insert captions

MIUI 14 also adds a sophisticated and capable video editor to Xiaomi smartphones. It has more options than before, and you can now edit an entire video directly on the phone. The first feature I’d like to discuss is the ability to add subtitles to any video from within the video editing software. The option is displayed with other video editing choices. It also permits the addition of opening and closing credits to videos.

Pro mode for videos

There is also a Pro mode for video editing on MIUI 14-powered Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. It includes numerous video-editing templates. They color-correct and add music to your videos. There are additional options, such as the capacity to apply filters to recorded videos and change their aspect ratio for various social media platforms.

Enhance/Compress video quality

Also, the new video editor in MIUI 14 allows users to increase or compress the quality of a video. Hence, you may capture a movie in 4k, edit it, then export it in 1080p to preserve space on your phone. Similarly, it is possible to capture a movie in 1080p resolution but export it in 4k for higher quality.

New gizmos

Xiaomi has added new widgets to MIUI 14 as well. Some of these are already available in India, but many more will be introduced in the future. For instance, MIUI 14 includes a gallery widget that can be placed on the home screen. You may utilize the widget as a carousel by adding images of your choosing.

Dual float windows

Smartphones have supported floating windows for a while. Most premium smartphones support them. Typically, it is limited to a single floating window. Nevertheless, MIUI 14 has added the option to simultaneously run two floating windows. The supported applications are still limited, but it improves multitasking and productivity.

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