GTA 5 requires enormous in-game cash. If you have the money, you can buy sports cars, condos, nascent businesses, and military-grade weapons. After almost 10 years, Grand Theft Auto Online is still going strong, and Los Santos has more investment opportunities than ever. It would be wonderful if Rockstar, the sandbox game’s creator, gave you millions of GTA 5 money. One player requested a $75,000 Grand Theft Auto dollars refund and received $32 million.

After posting about their luck on Reddit, GTA 5 player “Skraelos” tells PCGamesN how they tried to buy supplies for their Grand Theft Auto Online bunker, crashed, and sent Rockstar a support ticket to recover their relatively meagre (in GTA terms) investment.

“I bought bunker supplies and my game crashed,” Skraelos says. “When I logged back online, the money was gone but the supplies hadn’t arrived. I made a ticket thinking Rockstar could recover the money (yeah, I’m stingy, even about a small amount). The screenshot appeared next.

A player who demanded $75,000 in compensation after playing GTA 5 received $32,000,000 instead.

Rockstar for $75,000 GTA 5 refund

Skraelos captured Rockstar’s response, verifying that they had received $32,168,889. The “Megalodon” Shark Card, which gives you $10 million GTA bucks, costs $99.99 (£59.99).

Skraelos adds, “I have no idea how this could even happen.” “I won’t touch the money in case Rockstar notices and deducts it.”

Wait and see. Meanwhile, it was discovered that the current GTA 5 version had a cool Acid Lab feature that was eliminated before launch.

Check out the GTA 6 release date as Rockstar works on the next installment of the popular crime game. The finest GTA 5 mods and cheats for 2023 will keep the game fresh after a decade.

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