Microsoft is experimenting with a new Edge Canary feature that enables users to disable and download specific browser features independently, thereby streamlining the browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge has gained notoriety over the past year for the bloatware it has included. In response, Microsoft now allows users to disable optional browser features while retaining access to them via distinct downloads.

The first feature to become optional is “Cite this,” a tool designed to help students more effectively manage and generate citations. Microsoft Edge, when activated, generates total and in-text citations in multiple formats, including MLA, Chicago, and APA 7.

In Windows 11, Microsoft Edge will provide a customizable experience with downloadable add-ons.

The page titled Optional Features will enumerate all available optional features. Users can select “Add” to download and activate any desired browser feature.

Microsoft intends to reduce Edge’s size and eradicate bloatware in order to provide users with a faster and more customizable browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge has been criticized by users for its bloatware. Microsoft introduced unnecessary features to Edge, with the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality being the most controversial.

As soon as Edge 96 became broadly accessible and the general public encountered the BNPL function, complaints began to pour in. One user explained the issue: “Microsoft added Buy Now Pay Later to Edge (and thus Windows 10 and 11’s base operating systems), which is known to be abused to harm people.” They encouraged others to continue speaking out regarding the issue.

Microsoft’s decision to make Edge more modular seeks to address these bloatware issues and improve the browsing experience, as users continue to voice their concerns.

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