Meta has open-sourced an artificial intelligence project that turns drawings and doodles into animations. The IT giant believes open-sourcing the project would enable developers to add new features.

Meta introduced an online version of their Animated Drawing tool in 2021, letting users submit photographs and obtain a brief animation of their figures. Human reviewers shared more than 6.7 million photographs posted during the demo period with the Meta research team, according to the business.

Animated Drawing employs object identification, posture estimation, and image processing-based segmentation to digitize drawings. It then animates the item using graphical methods.

Meta just released the project open source with a collection of about 180,000 drawings and published the animation pipeline code so other users and developers may contribute and improve its possibilities.

Using Animation Drawing

Visit and submit your image to use the Animation Drawing feature.

Click “Upload Photo” to upload the photo. You can help Meta train its dataset with your photograph here.

Next, use the pop-up capture box to resize the uploaded image so it just contains your drawn character. Meta’s pen and eraser tool allows you assign sketching joints.

Choose from four animations presets—walking, dance, leaping, and funny—to see how your artwork moves. It may take some time to discover the activity you desire.

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