The GTX 1650 was Steam’s most popular GPU just four months ago, but has since been dethroned by newer architectures. This entry-level GTX card was never a genuine gaming GPU, but market conditions have compelled many gamers to pursue (interim) alternatives.

With the release of the RTX 3050 and the affordable Radeon RX 6600/6500/6400 series, one may question whether or not GTX 1650 GPUs are still necessary on the market. Chinese board partners have no intentions to discontinue this GPU, however. In fact, a new report implies that GTX 1650 may soon prioritize an entirely different GPU.

NVIDIA is apparently out of Turing TU117 GPUs, forcing board partners to adopt a higher-end GPU.

According to a rumor from Board Channels, supplies of the NVIDIA TU117 GPU are running low. This was the least capable GPU in the Turing family, but it is readily replaceable by the TU116 or TU106. This necessitates some adjustments to the specifications, as larger silicons tend to utilize more power, but gamers can still anticipate similar performance.

GTX 1650’s fate is uncertain, but it is unlikely to utterly disappear from the market. Such GPU modifications are commonplace on the Chinese market, so it is reasonable to anticipate that many of these cards will be exported.

There are numerous GTX 1650 GPU variants, which should be noted. The TU106 model is not something we are unfamiliar with; there is even a TU116 variant. In addition, the report does not specify whether the GTX 1650 with GDDR5 or GDDR6 memory is vulnerable. It appears that NVIDIA is merely transitioning out Turing GPUs without hardware raytracing acceleration and DLSS support.

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