No judgment here. We’ve all looked up strange things online. We don’t ask for readers’ search histories at the Daily Star for good reason.

However, Google maintains considerable data about your YouTube and Google search history on your account even if you delete it from your Internet browser, unless you change a vital setting.

This means Google still remembers when you searched for lawnmower videos or how to shave your privates.

We’ve put up this useful advice on how to correctly remove your Google and YouTube search history. These actions will increase your online privacy, but there will still be a record of them.

How to remove phone YouTube search history

There are several ways to remove your YouTube search history.

First, you can erase specific search searches in the app. Tap and hold any suggested search results with the History icon in the YouTube app. (A clock-like shape). Simply tap ‘Remove’ on the pop-up.

You can also use the YouTube app to disable search history saving.

Select Settings > Manage all history from your profile picture. Turn off ‘Include your searches on YouTube’ when you see Saving YouTube history.

Clearing Android Google search history

Android users can rapidly access search results by pressing the search bar on the Home Screen with the Google search app.

Tap and hold on search results to delete them from your phone history, like YouTube.

However, you’ll need to delete Google Search history to remove these:

  • Tap your Profile image and open Search history in the Google app on your Android phone.
  • To delete all search history, tap Delete > Delete all time.
  • To erase searches from a certain time period, hit erase > Delete custom range.

You may also set Search history to auto-delete. Select Controls from Search history. Find the “Web & App Activity card” and touch Auto-delete (On).

Search history should be gone from your Google account.

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