On Monday, MSCHF released a free anime dating game to help with tax preparation. From the hilarious developer of Big Red Boots, Tax Heaven 3000 is a genuine, functioning game that employs a dating sim named Iris to assist you in completing your federal income tax return. “Hi there! This is Iris, “She claims on taxheaven3000.com(Opens in a new window). “It has always been my ambition to find that particular someone… submitting their tax return. Join me, and we’ll look for deductions while seeking love!”

At last, there’s a girlfriend simulator that can also do your taxes.

MSCHF, an art group known for developing viral items with incisive comments on late-stage capitalism, fandom, and hyped-up consumer culture, has recently targeted predatory tax filing services. “Devil Shoes,” unique Nike Air Max footwear developed in partnership with Lil Nas X that featured a drop of blood, “Eat the Rich Popsicles,” and “Ketchup or Makeup,” packages that contained either ketchup or lip gloss, garnered media attention for the brand. Now, the MSCHF accuses TurboTax and H&R Block of taking advantage of confused taxpayers.

If you earned less than $73,000, filing your taxes in the United States is free(Opens in a new tab). Yet, a ProPublica investigation found how TurboTax intentionally misleads and confuses clients into paying for their services. TurboTax also engages in extensive lobbying(Opens in a new tab) to maintain these misleading practices. As the dreaded tax season approaches, Tax Heaven 3000 reminds you that filing your taxes can be free…and seductive.

At last, there’s a girlfriend simulator that can also do your taxes.

The website states, “According to its own internal documentation, TurboTax is founded on the ‘Fear Uncertainty and Doubt’ that average people feel about their taxes.” “Free software based on parasocial need for closeness and benign horniness is contrasted with this. If TurboTax is the nightcore of tax software, TH3K is the nightcore of Pink UI.”

Last week, Tax Heaven 3000 was leaked on Steam before being removed from the famous gaming site. Nevertheless, Daniel Greenberg, co-founder of MSCHF, stated that it is now accessible through itch.io (Opens in a new tab). A collector’s version of the game may also be purchased on the Tax Heaven 3000 website for $90. A actual collector’s box including a CD of the game, an instruction manual, an IRS postal envelope, and an Iris body pillow are included with the purchase (otherwise known as a dakimakura).

Spending your money on Iris feels like a better investment than paying for a theoretically free service. At least she won’t be as heartbreaking as the IRS.

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