A new Peyote Plant glitch allows GTA Online users to harvest 5,000 RP every few seconds. This exploit is one of the most effective methods for players to increase their Rank. There are a number of variants, but this article will focus on solo-playable variants. Therefore, you will not need Anawack or any of your other companions in order to use this method.

At Rank 200, participants receive their final relevant reward, and at Rank 750, they receive a minor aesthetic alteration to their Rank color. Even though the maximum score is 8,000, some players may go higher for amusement. Typically, this figure is only accessible to modders and anomaly hunters. This guide will discuss two distinct techniques associated with the new Peyote Plants exploit.

Solitary Peyote Plants exploit for massive Reputation farming in GTA Online.

The first technique was developed by Borsa GTA and some Se7en Sins members. It is demonstrated in the video above. Here are the steps that worked on April 7, 2023, when this article was published:

  • Set Matchmaking to “Closed” in your settings.
  • Replace Spawn Location with Last Spawn Location.
  • Participate in an Invite-Only Event with a mobile vehicle (like an Oppressor Mk II).
  • Travel to a location containing one of the Peyote Plants.
  • Save the game against your will. You can do so by modifying your attire through the Interaction Menu.
  • Consume it.
  • Stop the game.
  • Visit Online.
  • Choose Play Work.
  • Select A Titanic Task.
  • Leave your employment.
  • Save the game against your will.
  • Leave GTA Online and proceed to the following Peyote Plant location. Some participants may have the old plant reappear.
  • If the previous plant does not reappear, repeat the process for other locations.
  • Please note that this video was filmed prior to the most recent upgrade, after which players can only transform into rabbits 100% of the time. Those who are intrigued will also find a convenient agricultural route in the clip.

The second Peyote Plant RP error

This video was created on the same day as the previous one, April 7, indicating that the most recent weekly update contained an RP bug. Instead of quitting A Titan of a Job, the GTA Online player accumulates four Peyote Plants and uses the right D-pad to terminate the hallucination early in this method.

You could earn 20,000 RP every four minutes using the method demonstrated in the video above. What this procedure entails is as follows:

  • Replace Spawn Location with Last Location.
  • Discover one of the places shown in the video.
  • Consume the vegetation.
  • Walk ten strides.
  • If you are using a console, press the right d-pad to end the hallucination early.
  • Repeat the last four stages with additional plants.
  • Save the identical by coercion.
  • Exit GTA Online.
  • Restart GTA Online and all operations.
  • If the preceding technique has been modified, try this one.

Every location with Peyote Vegetation

Players of GTA Online can utilize the RP exploit anywhere. For instance, Franklin’s former residence is a popular starting point. There are 76 locations that will function with the new malfunction, so choose the one that is most convenient. Peyote Plants are a limited-time feature that vanish when the event concludes. Utilize any active exploits to farm Ranks while they are still active.

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