Nemesys Games, a firm situated in Budapest, was recently purchased by Bethesda for a price that was not disclosed. After the acquisition, the studio was renamed Zenimax Online Studios – in Hungary. Nemesys Games was described as an outsourcing studio “with a specific focus on engineering and back-end services for AAA studios” prior to the company being acquired.

Bethesda purchases Nemesys Games

It is intriguing that the buy seems to have taken place late in the previous year; nevertheless, due to the low-key nature of the purchase, it was not uncovered until just recently. “We have been working on many aspects of their flagship title Elder Scrolls Online as well as unannounced projects,” said the newly-rebranded ‘Zenimax Online Studios – Hungary’ when asked about their role within Bethesda. Zenimax Online Studios – Hungary is now known as “Zenimax Online Studios – Hungary.” We are ecstatic to be working with a AAA studio of such a distinguished level.

Even though it is exciting to see the game getting additional support, it will be interesting to see the unannounced projects that are currently in the works. Elder Scrolls Online has been running for almost a decade now, so it goes without saying that it is exciting to see the game getting additional support.

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