A few days ago, Xiaomi released a rechargeable lamp with a magnetic suction design that allows it to convert between a vertical table lamp, a clamp lamp, and a flashlight. If you believe that lamp is innovative, wait until you see the most recent lamp from Xiaomi. The crowdfunding campaign for the MIJIA Pipi Lamp has been initiated on the Youpin platform. The luminaire is equipped with an emotional system that responds to external stimuli in such a way as to produce a variety of moods. In addition to having a direct effect on the Pipi Lamp’s functionality, the duration of use will also influence the lamp’s mood.

Xiaomi MIJIA Pipi Lamp Features

According to the manufacturer, the internal mood of the Pipi lamp can be categorized into three dimensions: pleasure, activation, and dominance (P, A, and D) based on the standard academic emotional model. These enumerated parameters are said to have an effect on the mood of the light.

A first for MIJIA desk lamp models, the new MIJIA lamp has an integrated Al interactive camera that employs a key point detection algorithm to enable low-latency space gesture interaction. The available gestures include turning the light on and off, adjusting its luminance, and adjusting its angle. In addition, the lamp’s lighting aspect can be adjusted based on the user’s position.

The innovative lamp can also be linked to the MIJIA app, allowing users to monitor the Pipi Lamp’s demeanor in real time. Through the app, you can also modify the settings of the lamp.

The desk lamp supports both stepless dimming and color customization. It features a silent base and a hood for enhanced illumination comfort.

Xiaomi MIJIA Pipi Lamp Price

The MIJIA Pipi Lamp is currently available for funding on the Youpin platform for 499 yuan ($72).

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