in the second quarter of 2023. The agency will launch its online UMG Academy in 2023 to train small business owners in digital marketing skills to boost sales.

Alex Shakirova launched UMG in 2013 to help firms grow online with imagination and technology. Alex’s firm struggled with marketing agencies.

She recalls that many of them seemed competent and could speak industry lingo, but they didn’t provide results. “This revealed an industry gap and problem that I was committed to fix. I began by studying marketing and incorporating it into my company approach.

Alex’s commercial success attracted other disgruntled business owners. With so many requests for help, she became a full-time digital marketer. Since founding UMG eleven years ago, she and her multinational team of five-language specialists have assisted dozens of firms in the hotel, medical, beauty, entertainment, banking, and online education industries.

Uzbekistan’s fast-growing economy makes the new office interesting. “Through our discussions with Uzbeki company owners, we have learnt that many are interested in learning about digital marketing, which has the ability to connect them with the worldwide business community,” Alex explains. “We look forward to enabling them with our content marketing, solutions architecture, website design, digital marketing, and CRM integration.”

After UMG’s Uzbekistan office opens, the online UMG Academy will launch. Team members admire entrepreneurs’ digital marketing talents and business progress, making the beta project extra rewarding.

“We started our academy because we feel internet marketing is vital for any business’ success today and that too many owners lack access to great resources,” she says. Our economy relies on them, therefore we wanted to share our expertise. After much effort, our UMG Academy has received great reviews. Every enhancement proposal is valued and implemented as soon as possible.”

Alex encourages entrepreneurs to visit the UMG Academy in May 2023 to learn how digital marketing can boost sales.

“We anticipate going live for a new generation of owners who are eager to embrace technology to expand their companies,” she says. “Knowledge is power, and UMG’s experienced suggestions and methods can show you what digital marketing can accomplish for your business’ future.”

United Marketing Group has used its algorithms and advertising tactics to solve digital marketing problems its partners didn’t realize existed for over 10 years. Alex Shakirova founded UMG to help small and large businesses understand digital marketing and improve performance.

UMG’s multilingual staff handles social media marketing, Facebook advertising, SEM, SEO, reputation management, brand management, site building, and integration globally. UMG specializes in digital and local hospitality marketing.

No of its size, UMG will always assist other business owners understand and implement digital marketing tactics to grow.

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