Sharp’s FN2 Series returns to form with more elegance than expected for the price.

Performance isn’t the point. This affordable flatscreen has good picture quality and an Android TV platform.

Google Play offers all notable streaming providers and good usability. Sharp’s sound system is Harman Kardon.

Design & Features

  • Wide feet, thin bezel
  • Android 11 smart TV
  • Freeview Play

With a thin bezel and wide feet that screw into the base, this 55-inch UK model looks stylish but anonymous. After installation, it appeared fine.

Before wall mounting the FN2, check your furniture. This plasticky TV weighs 15.6kg, making it an ideal option for that.

Rear connection includes four HDMI ports, one with eARC, a digital optical audio output, two USB (V2.0) jacks, an AV minijack input, and Ethernet (if you prefer it over built-in Wi-Fi). An SD card slot for viewing photos is a unique feature.

The set contains a Freeview Play terrestrial tuner (UK) and CI card slot, as well as a satellite tuner for those with underused dish feeds.

It has a small, easy-to-use remote. It has a big navigational pad and Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and Freeview Play buttons.

Android TV version 11 is the FN2 Series’ main feature. Dedicated channel and service rails provide a full screen of curated content from Netflix, iPlayer, and ITVX.

Android includes Chromecast streaming and Google Assistant voice interaction.

Image Quality

  • Dolby Vision
  • Good Average Picture Level
  • Limited peak HDR brightness

The set’s default picture setting, Eco, doesn’t help the panel. After tuning in channels, switch to the Standard picture preset. This brightens significantly and easily.

For most stuff, I left the set in this contrast and dynamics sweet spot. Movie, Vivid, Sport, and User (configurable) are also available.

Dolby Vision, common on Netflix and Disney+ 4K shows, gives this panel its finest HDR performance.

Dolby Vision programs change settings to Bright, Dark, and Vivid. Bright was finest.

Peak HDR brightness is low on this inexpensive model. 5% and 10% patches measured 400 nits. This does not raise specular highlights or provide HDR-like image depth.

Its average SDR picture quality is outstanding. Its brilliant image works in daylit spaces and darkish dens.

Sharp’s dual-core Ace Pro Ultra picture processor sharpens HD and native 4K programming, however SD channels and old DVDs seem blurry and should be avoided.

I expected the FN2 Series to lack 4K 120Hz playability. It has HDMI ports v2.0 and a 60Hz panel, however it has a Game mode. Game mode input lag was 50.8ms (1080p/60fps).

A screen with little input lag is best for competitive shooters.

Audio Quality

  • Harman Kardon Sound System
  • DTS Virtual: X
  • 12W stereo output

Despite its picture flaws, the FN2’s audio is above average for the price. This TV’s sound isn’t weak.

Harman Kardon stereos make it unexpectedly full-bodied. In an ordinary living room, its 12W volume and mid-range weight can handle dramas and action flicks.

Using eARC, the set can stream Dolby Atmos from streaming services to a soundbar or home theater.

DTS Virtual:X processing is available despite the stereo speaker setup. This creates a cinematic soundstage.

Truebass, a low-frequency enhancer, was heavy-handed and boomy.

Price & Availability

Four Sharp FN2 Series screen sizes are available presently. 43-, 50-, 55-, and 65-inch models cost £329, £369, £399, and £529.

The 55in version on my test bench is FN2KA/FN2KL in the UK. Richer Sounds, RGB Direct, and Marks Electrical sell it.

US Sharp models are 43FN2EA, 50FN2EA, 55FN2EA, and 65FN2EA. Unknown price.

Our best budget TVs chart has additional affordable possibilities.


Sharp FN2 Series 4K flatscreens are affordable.

A razor-sharp image and a subjectively high picture level cost little.

Peak HDR brightness is limited, but Dolby Vision material makes it look cinematic, and Android TV and (in the UK) Freeview Play make most catch-up and streaming services available.

Its input lag is obvious. If you love fast-paced games, look elsewhere.

However, it’s perfect for a simple lounge TV or second screen.

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