Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT, AI tools have proliferated. ChatGPT may have dominated conversations about AI’s functional use cases, but it’s clearly not the finest AI technology. The spectrum receives hundreds of new tools weekly.

AI technology have given businesses many possibilities to improve their products. AI tools can improve productivity, sales pitches, and ad campaigns. Some technologies boost creativity, while others track productivity.

Here are some hot AI tools on the Internet.


This great no-code program automates data collection. The tool collects Internet data without scraping. Users need to enter the site URL and select the elements to extract. The company claims its AI scrapers acquire reliable data using powerful algorithms. Customizing data collecting saves time.

Market Copilot

Any firm needs consistency to reach its target audience on schedule. Businesses need a good content plan to ensure consistent messaging. Consumers locate products and services on Twitter. Users describe their content style and Marketing Copilot generates 60 personalized tweets. Just specify themes and Twitter style. AI tools save content plans too.

Glass AI

Glass AI may disrupt healthcare. Glass AI is intended for clinical use, not public search, according to its designers. Enter a diagnostic problem and the program will generate a detailed clinical plan in seconds.


This program lets non-coders construct web-based augmented reality experiences. Users can develop AR games, facial filters, and virtual try-ons. Vossle sells WordPress and Magento plugins on its website.


Everyone is using AI, from text to movies. Decoherence is a great AI music video tool. The program makes movie creation “easy, fast, and intuitive”. Platforms offer audio-reactive effects. To produce films, users choose AI styles, audio-reactive effects, starting pictures, and questions.


Growth requires competitor analysis and study. Consensus, an AI-powered search tool, quickly pulls scientific research paper findings. Users can ask inquiries on the search page and get conclusions based on research paper findings. Currently ad-free, the portal provides scientific data and speedy analysis.

Casper AI

Another efficient tool that simplifies workflow by summarizing articles, creating content, and sharing insights with stakeholders. Chrome extensions are available. The designers say Casper AI employs OpenAI’s latest GPT models. After installing, users can click the Casper symbol on the article page. The addon provides a synopsis, and they can ask the AI tool to summarize the article for five-year-olds.


AI-powered app creator. It writes code for users once they describe their app. Based on the user’s description, the tool’s no-code editor will produce a fully responsive design and allow easy customization. The tool deploys features requested by users.


Audio recordings simplify life. What about barely heard low-quality audio? AI-coustics automatically cleans and optimizes audio. The firm claims to employ AI voice augmentation technology with complex algorithms to improve speech clarity.

Stock Image.AI

This interesting AI image-generation tool lets users play with creativity. It creates high-quality photos that may be modified quickly. Book covers, stock pictures, posters, and wallpaper—the tool has endless possibilities. Text prompts let users create and edit images.

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