Installing many games on a portable gaming PC will eventually run out of storage space. Tech-savvy users can pull the Steam Deck apart and install a new internal SSD, but Valve provides an easily accessible microSD card slot for normal consumers. Check out the best SD cards for your Steam Deck, no matter the model.

Adding a microSD card to the Steam Deck is easy. Simply insert the SD card into the bottom slot. Every microSD card on its list supports UHS-1. The lowest and highest SD card storage prices are also shown. Let’s quickly review Steam Deck’s 6 microSD cards.

Best Steam Deck SD Cards (2023)

SD Ultra

Consumer electronics users prefer SanDisk’s initial microSD card. Western Digital’s popular sub-brand SanDisk Ultra makes inexpensive SD cards. U1 class slows SanDisk Ultra compared to other memory cards on this list. However, this SD card can easily run and load any game. Because Steam Deck has a UHS-1 card slot.

SanDisk Ultra MicroSD cards can transfer 120 MB/s without problems. This is ideal for 64GB Steam Deck owners who need an inexpensive game storage card. SanDisk Ultra ranges from 64GB to 512GB.

Amazon (64GB $11.60; 512GB $47.50)

EVO Select 2.

Samsung dominates consumer electronics and mobile phones. Samsung EVO Select SD cards are electronic storage options. Samsung EVO Select is one of the most popular microSD cards for Steam Deck, with read speeds up to 130 MB/s. Up to 512GB is available.

Water, dust, x-ray, and magnet proof, Samsung’s microSD card is sturdy. For Samsung reliability and a cheap SD card, the EVO Select is great. Windows on Steam Deck need a microSD card. Read the full article.

Amazon sells (64GB $9.49; 512GB $39.99)

SanDisk Extreme microSD

SanDisk also makes the Extreme microSDXC UHS-I card, which is better than the Ultra. This Steam Deck-compatible 1TB microSD card has fast read and write rates. SanDisk Extreme has 160 MB/s read and 80 MB/s write speeds, excellent for Steam Deck games. Even my 512GB SanDisk Extreme card speeds up game loading.

This SD card’s only drawback is price. If you want plenty of storage without compromising, select the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card.

Amazon sells (64GB $10.49; 1TB $115)

Lexar Pro 1066x

Lexar, a renowned memory card maker, may not be a household name. The Lexar Professional 1066x microSD card can read 160MB/s and write 120MB/s (70 MB/s for the 64GB type). These speeds ensure that Steam Deck users may play their favorite games whenever, without any issues.

Lexar sells 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB memory cards. Lexar SD cards have fast read/write rates.

Amazon sells (64GB $12.99; 512GB $75.99)

Kingston Canvas Go+

Kingston is probably familiar to you. They and SanDisk popularized pen drives. Despite its small microSD card lineup, the company launched several. Canvas Go Plus microSDXC is one choice. The Kingston Canvas Go Pro, the fastest Steam Deck SD card on our list, is optimized for game storage.

This memory card is also waterproof, temperature-proof, shock-proof, and X-ray-proof. It also has an SD card adaptor for many systems. Kingston offers 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB cards.

Amazon sells (64GB $11.99; 512GB $61.75)

Samsung Pro Plus microSD

Samsung rounds off our 2023 Steam Deck microSD card list. Samsung’s flagship microSD card, the EVO Pro Plus, is geared for gaming and larger files. Its 128–512 GB capacity makes it ideal for Steam Deck.

The card is protected from dust, water, x-rays, and magnets. Samsung EVO Pro Plus can read 150 Mb/s and write 120 Mb/s. This card has top-notch read and write speeds and reliability.

Amazon (128GB $15.99; 512GB $58.99)

What’s MicroSD Classification?

These classes determine microSD card performance and are typically used for cameras. These ratings assist users comprehend microSD cards’ performance since they’re designed for photo/video storage. U with a number indicates a card’s minimum sustained performance. For 4K recording, U3 cards must have a minimum sustained performance of 30 MB/s.

A1 and A2 affect card app performance. A1 cards require 1500 IOPS for random read and 500 for random write. A2 cards have a minimum 4000 IOPS random read and 2000IOPS random write. A2 U3 microSD cards are best for Steam Deck’s loading speed. Alternatively, a mix of both can work well.

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