I love movies and study filmmaking more than video games. Movies shaped my childhood and existence. I learned it from my father, sneaking out of my room after bed to watch movies in the living room. As I got older, he encouraged my love of movies, which became a big aspect of our relationship. I started collecting Blu-Rays since he was an early DVD lover. Every week, my Blu-Ray collection grows.

That should give you a sense of how much time, money, and energy I spend viewing movies. That’s why I watch movies carefully. My old basement had a full theater. I had a 4k projector, surround sound, theater seating, and a wall screen. Unfortunately, this last shift has brought me to a section of the country without basements and no way to establish a full-scale theater. I’m looking for a projector that balances quality and pricing because I don’t want to use a big TV again.

It looked like a dream when XGIMI offered to review the Horizon Pro 4K.

Opening the box reveals the Horizon Pro 4K’s elegant design and XGIMI’s attention to detail. The projector is a gunmetal gray cube. The projector was shipped to me in a larger box with strong bubble packaging and encased in thick foam.

It’s incredibly easy to set up. Horizon Pro AI is magic. After turning on the projector, the AI reads the wall and any impediments to give you the best picture in less than 30 seconds. This makes it a true portable projector and simplifies long-term setup. It instantly changed the image to fit my garage door when I projected it outside. It reads and adjusts to your room when you bring it inside. In my months with the projector, I never found the adjustment to be unsatisfactory, but you may manually adjust it. If you use severe angles (40 degrees offset or more), you will see more light shadows, so be careful.

Every projector demands “optimal” viewing. OLED panels are better than projected images in bright rooms.

However, as long as the Louisiana light wasn’t directly in my room, the Horizon Pro handled it well. If I closed my shades, I could watch whatever I wanted during the day. My home gym, a two-car garage with door and side windows, was where I used the Horizon Pro. Without blinds, this lets a lot of light in. Anime and brighter shows were easy to watch while working out. It was hard to witness something very dark, but not impossible.

Horizon Pro sparkles at night. My 120-inch projector screen showed good color contrast and HDR content. I tried the full 300-inch monitor, and it wasn’t horrible. For an image that large to work, it must be 30 feet away, and you are no longer viewing a “4K” image, but it is still an astounding display. Because I can carry the Horizon Pro 4k and show movies on the side of a building without much setup, neighborhood movie night for kids has become a weekend tradition.

The Horizon Pro runs Android 10 and is easy to set up.

Apps and phone casting are easy with built-in Chromecast. Four pre-installed photo presets complement the AI setup. Movie, football, office, and game modes. Game mode has 30ms of input lag, which is too high for competitive play, but it’s fine for casual games.

The Horizon Pro has two 8W Harman Kardon speakers that create great sound for its size. Harman Kardon speakers are good for normal audio, but no projector (or other device) can match true in-home theater sound. The projector audio outperformed my TV speakers and even my cheaper soundbars. It avoids the tinniness of smaller speakers and produces a deeper sound.

Overall, the Horizon Pro 4k is a great deal at $1600. Look no further for an easy-to-use, portable projector that works in most environments with little human interaction. I’ll use the Horizon Pro 4k for years because it’s the best projector I’ve had.

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