Vampire Survivors was for many. However, with pixelated addiction, a new ruler has arrived! OTXO is nasty, addicting, and fantastic. This noir time-bending slaughter is brutal, sophisticated, and gruesomely sensual. I and many other gamers enjoy this.

Lateralis Heavy Industries and Super Rare Originals developed and published this nasty rogue-like shooter. You also need lots of luck and skill. As you blast humanity and strange creatures, each playthrough will shock and appall you. As you explore a spooky mansion, you’ll see catastrophic damage.

OTXO terrifies!

I love brutally simple gameplay loops. Luckily, OTXO turns this idea into a nasty déjà vu nightmare. Additionally, no matter how good you are, the NPCs and their demonic monsters are always better. Thus, you must bend time, dodge gunshots, and utilize your environment.

You play a nameless individual who is caught. Something unusual happens on the train with his loved one. A white-masked person vanishes. The protagonist puts this strange device on his face and everything goes black. The hero awakens on a beach as an OTXO. His loved one was snatched! The mansion’s center holds their salvation, but getting there is difficult. He must restart if he dies, which he will.

You savage.

OTXO’s plot is dark and horrifying. However, its playability outshines the tale. Its simple concept makes it easy to learn and play. The fast pace and brutality of each enemy keep you on your toes.

Each run is similar. Start in the mansion bar. Bartenders give complimentary drinks here. You can boost your speed, health, and gore with three selections. Your choice will affect your strategy and survival. You can change guns or fund a smuggler with the barkeep.

After leaving the lobby, you begin your task. Each room hides different enemies. Kick down the doors, fire, and leave. You decide how to clean each room. Kick everyone or throw a grenade and see the claret fly. You can also slow time and avoid projectiles by focusing. To survive, avoid being hit.

John Wick, Agent 47, and Neo had a child?

OTXO is a seductive action game. Thus, John Wick, Agent 47, and Neo had a bizarre love child. The gruesome and relentless action, great stealth moments, and time-defying happenings will make you feel powerful and godlike.

Your run ends, ending these godly moments. If you reach the lobby, you can buy more perks or invest in the smuggler. Doing the latter will instantly enhance the liquor. Each step into the mansion gets harder, therefore this is crucial. It challenges you with random areas filled of lore, gigantic bosses, and bigger waves of beasts and humans to kill.

Monochromatic OTXO.

I love monochrome. Thankfully, OTXO’s clashing tones and scarlet blood splatters work. Visuals contrast the craziness. A dangerous world awaits the hero. Bullets explode paper, vases, furniture, and windows. Kicked-down or blown-open doors are beautiful. The fantastic focused moments will make you fall for every trendy incident.

The audio matches the stunning sights. Bullets and explosions create ear-splitting sound. As you jump, tumble, and sneak through each stage, the aggressive music pumps your blood.

Steam Deck the chaos into the wasteland.

Steam Deck revolutionized gaming. Though OTXO isn’t verified for this platform, it works fine. Its great controls, layout, and inputs will make you an action hero. Additionally, you can kill waves of enemies while commuting or relaxing in bed.

Return for the bite-sized levels, unfairly brutal playthroughs, and practically endless bonuses. The action is nicely balanced because it gets harder as you continue. Additionally, the rogue-like elements keep you on your toes as death steals your progress. This is a brutal, cruel, and long-lasting game.

OTXO deserves all praise.

Game of the Year is like confetti. However, OTXO should be a category leader this year. It’s cheap, horribly cute, unexpectedly easy, and gruesome. I also love its soundtrack and visuals. However, its borderline sadomasochism is unfair. Thus, if you dislike challenges, this may be frustrating.

This is a challenging, brutal, and shocking game that will keep you playing. For these reasons, get it here! Can you rescue your loved one? Take a gun, break every door, and kill everything. OTXO will irritate, kick, and make you come back. Thus, take advantage of this beautifully horrible opportunity to become a superhero.

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