Loop Media Inc. has introduced three new channels: one dedicated to entertainment, one to athletics, and one based on a Canadian television series.

In addition, the Glendale-based distributor of short films and music videos expanded into Canada last month.

US Weekly, Just For Laughs Gags, and Sports Highlights Channel are exclusive to Loop’s Loop Player for businesses.

The company announced on April 14 the launch of its new Sports Highlights Channel, which features round-the-clock coverage of sports headlines and highlights from the world’s main leagues and sporting events.

The new channel will provide up-to-date scores and other information for major sporting events from Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the Professional Golfers’ Association of America, and Major League Soccer, as well as college sports, motor sports, tennis, and others.

Concurrently, the SportsLoop ticker, a proprietary device that businesses can use to convert any Loop TV channel into a sports channel, is launching. The SportsLoop ticker will provide news, statistics, and schedules for all professional and collegiate sports in real time.

Bob Gruters, chief revenue officer of Loop Media, stated that sports channels connect fans with each other and with their beloved teams.

“With Loop’s exclusive Sports News Highlights channel and 24/7 SportsLoop ticker, sports fans will never miss a moment of the action,” said Gruters in a statement. “Fans will love watching, businesses will love hosting, and advertisers will love streaming – everybody wins.”

Bridge Media Networks in Farmington Hills, Michigan provides Sports News Highlights, while Stats Perform, a London-based sports data and predictive analytics company, provides the data for the SportsLoop ticker.

Loop launched the US Weekly channel with the pop culture and celebrity news periodical US Weekly.

The channel provides celebrity-related news, images, fashion advice, and exclusive video content. Us Weekly on Loop TV features hundreds of segments that are updated daily and designed for out-of-home viewing, according to a company announcement dated March 21.

Based on a Canadian series, the Just For Laughs Gags channel is also active on Loop TV.

The channel features hidden camera pranks and exploits that capture the reactions of unsuspecting subjects. According to the company, it is designed to function with or without audio and has been optimized to entertain customers of all types of enterprises.

Greg Drebin, chief content officer at Loop Media, stated that the company is constantly seeking to expand its video content, which helps create engaging environments for its clients and consumers.

“Us Weekly and Just For Laughs Gags expand categories that we know are popular: celebrity news and visual humor,” said Drebin. These new channels fit seamlessly into our ever-expanding channel lineup and are a very valuable addition for our clients seeking to enhance and define the environment of their venues.

Lastly, Loop Media expanded into Canada through a partnership with the chicken wing franchise St. Louis Bar and Grill.

The partnership will feature curated content from TikTok, who partnered with Loop in October, which will broadcast directly to the 75 locations of St. Louis Bar and Grill across the nation. The service started on 13 March.

TikTok is a video-hosting service operated by Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd.

Jon Niermann, chief executive officer and co-founder of Loop Media, stated that the partnership with the Toronto-based restaurant chain represents the company’s first genuine expansion outside of the United States and was a significant step for the company.

“To remain competitive, businesses must create curated experiences to foster brand loyalty and in-store connections that align with customer values,” said Niermann. “Powerful streaming TikTok’s channel”

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