Twitch superstar Michael “Shroud” responded to Valve’s announcement of Counter-Strike 2 during a broadcast on 22 March 2023. The streamer discussed the tactical shooter’s new and improved gameplay elements, such as the inclusion of Responsive Smokes.

The game’s designers disclosed that the new game engine would incorporate volumetric fog that interacts with 3D game elements. When the content creator heard this, he yelled in amazement and stated that the new feature may damage frame rates.

During the initial hours of his webcast, Shroud addressed Valve’s news. When exploring the game’s website, he discovered Responsive Smokes, which generate 3D objects with volume.

The responses of the fans to Shroud’s take

Shroud’s original response was that the new smoke grenades will influence frame rates. After seeing its operation, the content author deemed the revised mechanism “dope”:

The former professional gamer continued by stating that the scenario would be “terrible” for individuals who are already having trouble playing the game. Yet, he was optimistic about Valve’s potential to achieve equilibrium with the new game engine.

Shroud shouted when he observed that Responsive Smokes could now fill voids.

The Canadian was astounded by the way the new smoke filled a circular space, exclaiming, “It’s so good!” The revelation that explosives may now “push and slice” through in-game haze surprised him.

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