Epic Games is ready to release a new update for Season 4, Chapter 4 of Fortnite. Update 24.10 for Fortnite will be released on March 29 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Android. With a numbered upgrade, it goes without saying that v24.10 will be followed by a prolonged period of server unavailability. Around 9 a.m. BST, the game will be completely pulled down, but matchmaking will be deactivated shortly earlier.

On Twitter, Epic Games shared the news alongside a teaser of what to expect.

A tweet from Epic asks, “What do you call an egg who has visited every POI? An eggs-plorer.”

“Prepare for the Spring release of v24.10, with maintenance commencing at 4:00 AM ET and matchmaking deactivated shortly prior.”

Epic Games will utilize the update to start the Easter event in Battle Royale, according the tweet.

This will likely include an egg-launching weapon, an Easter egg hunt, Easter-themed challenges, and cosmetic bonuses.

According to sources like Shiina, fans may also anticipate the introduction of new augments, cosmetics, and a type of smart pistol weapon.

Whenever the update is live, Express Online will keep this post updated with all the new features. In the meanwhile, you may review the patch notes for early version 24.10 below…


• There are no zip lines in Party Royale.

  • Party Royale’s zip lines have been temporarily removed. They’ll return in an upcoming update.

• Some Back Blings look to be floating and unattached from the Highwire outfit.

  • Some Back Blings do not adhere to the back of the Highwire costume and appear to be floating.


• Wind currents are momentarily incapacitated

  • Due to a problem, wind currents over the Battle Royale map have been temporarily deactivated.


• Save the Planet Installation Request

  • Gamers who pick Save the World from Explore will be prompted to “install” it. This is a purely aesthetic problem, and clicking “OK” will allow you to proceed.


• Certain devices may be limited to 60 FPS even when 90 FPS is selected.

  • Certain Android devices may have their framerate capped at 60 FPS, even if the specified framerate is 90 FPS.

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