For gaming franchises Back 4 Blood, Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad, and unannounced releases, led brand, positioning, and channel strategies with cross-functional teams, agencies, and partner studios. Implemented Xbox Game Pass cooperation with Back 4 Blood, working with many stakeholders and achieving a Warner Bros. first.

Launched enormous Back 4 Blood Beta with over 5.6M players, Warner Bros.’ largest Beta ever. Implemented strategic initiatives for Back 4 Blood & Gotham Knights to achieve back-to-back Top 20 Games of the Year in revenue and meet WB sales goals.

Back 4 Blood’s success isn’t surprising. Warner Bros. Games claimed that Back 4 Blood had over 10 million players in early 2022, and NPD statistics showed that it was the best-selling new console IP of 2021. Turtle Rock Studio announced two months ago that the game will not receive any new material, yet it received three expansions.

Gotham Knights, on the other hand, never had a press release touting its sales. It ranked second on NPD Charts in October and ninth in November. Warner Bros. MontrĂ©al’s first game since 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins received a 7.5 score from Wccftech, which cited its poor PC performance at launch.

On PC, the game stutters while traveling swiftly using the grappling hook or Batcycle.

On strong gear with an RTX 3090 GPU and an i7 12700KF CPU, even with DLSS (2.0) set to Performance Mode and ray tracing turned off, the gameplay was far from seamless. Ray tracing was worse even with DLSS in Ultra Performance mode (at 4K, that implies rendering from 720p).

Even without ray tracing, the Unreal Engine 4-powered graphics are impressive, although it’s disheartening that such a configuration would struggle.

Gotham Knights now works nicely on PC thanks to a lot of performance tweaks by the devs. About a month after release, Heroic Assault was introduced as a four-player cooperative option.

In other Warner Bros. Games news, Player First Games will take MultiVersus’ open beta down for many months to enhance it before its official debut. After the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League release date was delayed from late May 2023 to February 2024, it will return early next year.

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