When you step onto an outdoor jogging track, the Apple Watch can automatically recognize your location using a database from Apple Maps and GPS data. This feature is known as Track Detection.

You can select the lane of the track you are jogging in within the Workout app, and as a result, you will obtain more exact distance measurements as well as a more detailed route map. You also have the option to receive lap notifications that provide information regarding the amount of distance traveled, the amount of time elapsed, and the pace at which you are traveling.

The feature is accessible on Apple Watch models that are running watchOS 9.2 or a later version. watchOS 9.2 is only compatible with Apple Watch models that are Series 4 and later.

How to Make the Most of the Running Track Detection Function on Your Apple Watch

The function was made available for the first time in the United States in December of the previous year, and in February it was made available in Canada, Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Apple has not yet revised the regional feature support page on their website to incorporate the most recent additions.

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