Instagram Head Adam Mosseri explained the new features in a blog post and video.

  • Trending audio and hashtags are centralized.
  • Integrated video, audio, stickers, and text editing.
  • New data on total watch time and average watch time to help you understand how your reels are performing, with new recognitions for reaching milestones.
  • Gift updates include a simpler approach to identify fans and more international creators receiving presents.

Instagram Reels trends?

Creators can check Reels trends in the first update. The new Reels Trends section features top trending songs, hashtags, and subjects for your next short-form film or inspiration. You can check an audio track’s usage and utilize or save it.

Before expanding, this feature is available to US artists. Reels Trends is in your Professional Dashboard under Tips and Resources.

Redesigned Reels editor

Instagram is enhancing Reel editing to look like TikTok. Users may align and time elements easier than ever by combining video clips, music, stickers, and text on one editing interface. Previously, each content type had its own editing screen.

“Even more exciting tools to come” are available worldwide for iOS and Android smartphones.

Reels watch time

Creators need to monitor social media performance. This data helps you identify successful and unsuccessful content, which informs future ideas. Instagram introduced total and average viewing time analytics for Reels. Total watch duration includes replayed Reels. Average viewing time reveals your Reel’s average playtime. Divide the watch time by the total plays.

The Reel displays these parameters and more. You can also receive notifications when someone follows your Reel, showing how your short videos are growing you.

Improved gifts are reaching more markets.

Finally, Instagram is expanding and improving gifts. Last year, Reels introduced Gifts on Reels, letting fans tip creators. Instagram celebs may buy and send presents. Gifts pay creators.

Gifts are accessible in the US and will spread to Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, and the UK in the following weeks.

With the expansion of this function, you can now recognize fans who have sent you gifts with a heart icon. Your fans will know you saw and appreciated their donation.

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